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The city of London hosts cuisines from all over the world gracefully. With the world changing vastly, first hand experiences have become more of a strain and understandably so.

Until all the dust settles, to keep these experiences alive- we have brought to the city of London, a cosy, tasteful experience inspired by my time spent soaking up the art, culture and food of New Orleans, Louisiana; and curated by our Head Chef who has a wealth of experience with Louisiana creole cooking.

At Young Nola our ingredients are uniquely sourced and our methods are to the book; helping to maintain the authenticity of Creole/Cajun cooking.

NOLA will always be the wonderful unique city that it is and none can replace it in that regard; however, Young Nola has taken the time and patience to bring to you an authentic experience of one of the worlds favourite destinations for a memorable, left-field experience of culture and cuisine.

Our Menus

Nola Cocktails & Our Caribbean Guests

Whilst touring New Orleans in an attempt to absorb as much of the cuisine as possible, there was one fine aspect that linked every inch of the experience all together! Of course, you guessed it. The Drink.

Not only have we carefully selected some of Nola’s finest cocktails for you, but we havej also teamed up with West Indian Bake Co to host their signature Rum Cocktail menu.

Be warned- these are very easy to drink!


To book a table, reserve online using the button below.

Please plan for up to 2.5 hours for the evening menu and 1.5 hours for lunch. All guests must order from the menu.

Reservations at our restaurant offer you the assurance of a delightful dining experience. Our easy-to-use booking system ensures that your table is ready exactly when you want it, allowing you to relax and indulge in our exquisite culinary creations without any hassle. Secure your spot now to savor a truly memorable meal with us.

Private Events & Chefs Table

Explore the opportunity to experience our Chefs Table experience.

Choose from a menu of your choice that reflects your preferences, and experience the luxury of one’s own personal dining room, staffed by an expert team at your service.

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